Oliver is 17 and Jasper is 60. They are best friends. Oliver wants to get laid, and Jasper wants to help. Jasper wants to drink himself to death, and Oliver wants to save him. And they share a secret that could ruin them both... if it hasn't already.

written by
Elizabeth Meriwether

Johanna Day, John Larroquette, 
Monica Raymund + Michael Zegen

directed by 
Evan Cabnet 

produced by 
Carrie Shaltz 

psm Charles M. Turner III
Courtney James 
Lauren Helpern
Ben Stanton
Zane Birdwell 
Jessica Shay
Faye Armon 
Calleri Casting

 "Cabnet’s giddy but driving stageFARM production couldn’t be more optimal. Larroquette is a born physical comedian... Zegen expertly dispenses acid sass...Oliver Parker! is nasty, weird and uncomfortably funny, but only a bold talent like Meriwether could make it feel like coming home." 
TIME OUT NEW YORK - David Cote, Critic's Pick 

"In the world Meriwether and Cabnet have created, laughter and shudders exist side by side, often in the same moment...The deadpan Zegen is a marvelous presence onstage... A play about dead children and childhood diddling...shouldn't be so funny, but it's a testament to Meriwether's immense talent that she manages to make it so without offending the audience." 
BACKSTAGE, Critic's Pick 

"Meriwether allows the play to let rip as a comedic roller-coaster through the grimmer sides of the characters' lives and psyches... The performers also enliven the production with a combination of zealousness and fearlessness. Larroquette delivers the script's frequent zingers with precision... Zegen's work is equally impressive... Day reveals surprising depths as the cougarish Willa." 

"The 28-year-old Meriwether is something of a wunderkind on both coasts."

Cherry Lane Theatre 
May 9 - June 6, 2010
Tuesday - Saturday 8pm
Sunday 3pm/7pm